It was 2018. I'm going to tell you the story of two people for whom the electric scooter holds no secrets for them today.

We'd like to introduce ourselves: Bilal and Abdel. It all started with the purchase of a scooter on a summer's evening, and a few weeks later we were already having problems with it.

After a few searches, we couldn't find anywhere to solve our electric scooter problems.

Winter was approaching and there was still no solution... so why not suggest Mister Scooters?

Here we are in 2019...

Our objective in a nutshell?

To be able to give you an impeccable service and to let everyone who wonders whether it's possible to repair their scooter know that we're here, to be able to supply you with parts and accessories of all kinds.

All we had to do was find a workshop, and the story's just beginning. We'll be going from changing inner tubes, fitting hard tyres, shock absorbers and 10' packs on Xiaomi to electrical and electronic repairs in a workshop on Dualtron, Speedway and others...

Our values in brief :

- RESPECT: MonsieurTrottinettes shows consideration for its customers and partners and recognises the importance of each individual.

- INNER STRENGTH: This is the driving force behind our company's performance, enabling us to act with courage, steadfastness and determination.

- AUDACITY: It leads us to push back our limits, to set ourselves ambitious goals and to take action.

- FLEXIBILITY: Thanks to this, we can adapt quickly and easily to each individual and his or her schedule. In the case of a repair, we'll set up an appointment as quickly as possible, and in the case of an online order, we'll do our utmost to dispatch your package as quickly as possible. This ability to anticipate means we're never caught short and we're always ready to bounce back.

- EXIGENCE: The result will be reflected in our insistence on

- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: To meet our customers' requirements by delivering quality products and services, on time and at competitive prices. Establish a privileged relationship with our customers & partners. Evolve together on specific issues.

Thanks to our experience in troubleshooting, we can say that today's electric scooters hold no secrets for us. When we're at your service, we offer a friendly welcome and a big smile. We focus on the customer's needs, down to the smallest detail, we're perfectionists and we leave nothing to chance. Analyzing the smallest detail is our forte and we generally always find a solution to get the job done, which gives final results we can be proud of, because nothing has been left to chance and we know exactly what we're doing and it's done well and above all, we love what we do, which is why our work is done with care and passion.

We can prove it by our customers, whose enthusiasm has pushed us to where we are today. We wanted to offer you a platform on which you can choose, interact with us and at the same time, quite simply, the place where everything is focused on the Scooter, and who knows, much more in the near future...