It all started on a summer day, in 2018, with the purchase of an electric scooter! A few weeks later, she is already starting to have problems... So I start looking for a workshop where I can have my scooter repaired. After a lot of research in Brussels and the surrounding area, I can't find any place to solve my electric scooter problem. Winter is approaching and still no solution. Handyman and resourceful, I end up repairing it myself and in a way, it did not displease me!

It was while discussing this adventure with a long-time friend that the idea came to us. Why not learn how to repair electric scooters, and then offer our services in Brussels? We could also offer the sale of customization parts and accessories? Both of us have always wanted to undertake,and here is a path that finally seems to be emerging. In 2019 we were already posting a first ad on a very popular classifieds site, and our first customers were starting to call.

A few weeks later, we find a workshop to rent and everything accelerates. We now have customers every day, and we do everything to make them leave our workshop with a smile! Our mission is to offer an irreproachable service,as much on the quality of the workforce and parts, as on the transparency of the prices. We work every day so that any Belgian who wonders if it is possible to repair his scooter knows that we are there, to provide parts and accessories of all kinds as well as to carry out repairs.

Today, 2 years after our launch, we have already performed several hundred troubleshooting. We can say that at present, the electric scooter no longer has any secrets for us. Monsieur Trottinettes has become your trusted partner for all your repairs and parts/accessories in Belgium. The values we defend are respect, boldness, flexibility and high standards in the satisfaction of our customers. Beyond the service, we offer you our good mood,a smiling welcome and a family atmosphere and good child. We focus on the customer's need and take into account his request down to the smallest detail. We are perfectionists and leave nothing to chance. Our customers can attest to this by their enthusiasm, which has pushed us to get to where we are today.

On this site, our goal is to offer you a platform on which you can choose your parts and accessories directly and find all the useful information about Monsieur Trottinettes such as our contact details and address for example.

Thank you for living this experience and this wonderful adventure with us! This is just the beginning, we still have a lot of projects to come for Monsieur Trottinettes. Follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of all our news.