Spare parts, Tires, Tubes and Accessories for Segway-Ninebot 

On sale!-€3.00
Inner tube 10x2/2.50 UrbanGlide / Dualtron / Kugoo,...
Inner tube 10x2/2.50 compatible for Xiaomi M365 & M365 Pro and for all other kinds of electric scooters(UrbanGlide E-Cross PRO, Speedway 4, Speedway 5, Speedway Leger, Wiizzee WS5, Wiizzee WS7, Dualtron Spider ou Dualtron 2, Kugoo M4/M4 Pro, Kugoo G2 Pro, Kugoo G-Booster, G3,  Wispeed, Mobygum Xenon-R / Xenon-S, Kaboo Mantis, King Song KS N10)
Possibility of placement in a workshop ! 
On sale!-€3.00
Led taillights Xiaomi M365 Pro
Led taillights for Xiaomi M365 Pro Segway-Ninebot MAX G30. ( Attention this product is not compatible on a Pro2 mudguard )
Possibility of placement in a workshop!